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Roquetas de Mar

Playa Aguadulce, Roquetas de Mar


This beach is one of the beaches which receives a greater number of swimmers in the south of Almeria. It has a wide range of leisure activities for tourists.

Playa Bajadilla, Roquetas de Mar

La Bajadilla

This fully-equipped beach is the continuation of the neigbouring beach, Urbanización de Roquetas de Mar. It receives a great number of swimmers, but without saturations.


Punto Accesible Playa La Romanilla, Roquetas de Mar

La Romanilla

This beach is equipped with typical services of an urbanised beach which receives a great number of visitors.


Playa Las Salinas, Roquetas de Mar

Las Salinas

Quiet beach where the wind blows fiercely. This makes it a good beach for practising windsports.

Playa Serena, Roquetas de Mar

Playa Serena

Playa Serena extends along the golf course of Roquetas. It is equipped with all kind of services and facilities for tourist purposes.

Playa Urbanización, Roquetas de Mar


Is one of the best equipped beaches in the region. It is located next to a big urban developmet area which offers all kind of leisure activities. It is slightly saturated in summer.