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Playa del Descargador, Mojácar

Del Descargador

It takes its name from an old mineral loading bay, currently extinguished. A beach which receives a great number of visitors and has all kind of equipment for public use.

Playa Marina la Torre, Mojácar

Marina La Torre

The first beach that we will find in the municipality of Mojácar, entering from the east, opposite the old Palacio de la Marina. It has a wonderful golf course, located beside the protected area of the pool of the river Aguas. It also has a good equipmet for public use.

Playa Piedra de Villazar, Mojácar

Piedra de Villazar

It is located in the proximity of the crossing which matches the local coastal strips with its access to the municipality, opposite the Commercial Park. This beach takes its name from the rocky structure, the beautiful "Piedra Villazar", nestled on the sand. It has the Blue Flag.

Playa Ventanicas- Venta del Bancal, Mojácar

Ventanicas - Venta del Bancal

Las Ventanicas is a wide sandy beach, next to an ordered coastline. Fom the east, it is located between the beach Cueva del lobo and the last beach belonging to the built-up area, the beach  Venta del Bancal.

La Venta del Bancal is the beginning of the promenade and is protected by an artificial jetty. It takes its name from the old inn located in this spot. There are cliffs past this beach.

Both have multiple relax and leisure services. It was awarded with the Blue Flag.